When PIA of Georgia was looking for someone to work with our clients we went to the authority - Curt Pearsall. Curt has done one-on-one agency classes as well as direct management reviews that have been well received and has helped us retain a very high percentage of our insureds. I would recommend Curt to anyone who needs "real-world" advise and direction on E&O cost reductions and reduction of potential risk.

Jerry Duke, currently Executive Vice President, PIA of Georgia, Inc.

Working with Curtis is always a pleasure. From gaining E&O insight to presenting with him --- always a great experience.

Joyce Sigler, currently Vice President, Jones & Wenner

Curt makes you think about issues from different perspectives. He can routinely take some difficult, even boring subject matter and make it come to life in a way that's people say. "I never thought about it that way before." Curt makes his examples and case histories personal and timely so that agents can see how professional liability situations can really happen to them; how to avoid them, or how to effectively combat them. I have Curt back with us at least once every year.

Dennis Yocom, currently Executive Vice President, Professional Insurance Agents Association of Virginia and DC, Inc.

Curt is a knowledgeable and generous businessman--a terrific fellow to work with. As an insurance education provider and freelance writer, I need resources and research partners who know their stuff. Curt fits that bill to a "T." Anyone working with Curt will appreciate his expertise.

Linda Faulkner, currently Owner, Faulkner Education Services

Curt Pearsall is a consummate professional with a wealth of practical technical and market experience in the specialty of insurance agents’ errors and omissions. He is a nationally recognized expert, if not the preeminent expert, in this area, having pioneered the gold standard Utica Mutual errors and omissions program nearly three decades ago.

We have known and worked with Curt for nearly twenty five of those years, most recently as a consultant to our 90+ agency, 560 user Renaissance Alliance. Curt brings to his clients real world experience in insurance agency E&O on the premise that the best E&O claim to defend is the one that does not happen. He has “seen it all” when it comes to the many ways E&O claims can manifest themselves within an agency. He can cite chapter and verse on the historical causes of claim tendencies as well as the many emerging causes of E&O issues facing insurance agencies in today’s rapidly changing business and technology environment.

Any independent insurance agency interested in matching efficiencies and effectiveness with sound E&O risk management would be well served to tap into the tremendous resource Curt represents. Curt works with our agencies through issues-focused seminars, agency specific workflow analysis and strategic planning and as our agencies’ in-house resource for advice and counsel on all things E&O.

Confidence comes from knowing you’re on the right track and your agency’s every day activities are founded on sound risk management and best practices principles. Curt helps us at Renaissance sleep more soundly at night.

J. Bruce Cochrane, CIC, President, Renaissance Insurance Group